Treatment Centers

Medical care when you need it

  • Job-related injuries
  • Medical screening
  • Non-life-threatening illnesses


Urgent care centers are facilities that allow the public instant access to medical care whenever they need it. They are usually open seven days a week with extended hours. An urgent care facility works much like an emergency room in the sense that you can walk in, explain your medical need and receive help. Generally speaking, urgent care facilities are much cheaper than a trip to the emergency room, so they are beneficial to your wallet as well as your health.


Normally, something like a small cold or a slight fever doesn’t warrant a trip to an urgent care, but something like a sprained ankle, diarrhea, or a high fever will. However, if the person you are taking to urgent care has a worsening fever, a trip to the urgent care is a good idea, especially if you are unsure how to handle the situation. While not equipped for serious medical needs, an urgent care center can help with most non-life-threatening situations you may have.


In addition to simple check-ups, urgent care can also help with vaccines, physicals, work-related injuries, and even screening for drugs. X-rays are also available if the reason you are headed to an urgent care is for a broken or dislocated bone. Most of the staff found in an urgent care can offer services in family medicine, emergency medicine, and other types of specialty medical fields. In addition, they are open all year long, although working hours may differ.

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As talented and skilled as urgent care staff are, they cannot handle every case that walks in through their doors. Sometimes they must call an ambulance to take a patient to the hospital for more serious treatment, or it could just be a lack of staff or special equipment. It is also important to remember that while urgent care is useful, you should always contact 9-1-1 if the person’s medical condition is very serious or life-threatening.

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Since the urgent care staff includes members who have education about different branches of medicine, they are able to treat a wide variety of simple illnesses and injuries. Any person, ranging from infants to elderly adults can be treated at an urgent care center; however, many urgent care facilities do have their limits and cannot offer treatment for every medical condition that requires special equipment found only in hospitals.

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Urgent care locations are very easy to find, as they can be found in just about every town in the United States today with more opening up every year. A simple google search should tell you where to find the nearest one to your location, along with the easiest route to get there. A Dallas personal injury lawyer suggests that everyone should locate their nearest urgent care center in advance and know how to get there before they actually need one.