Making Extra Money

Things college students can do to earn some extra cash.

The Demand Is Huge

College can be expensive. For most kids, student loans can only take care of a part of the big picture. If they want to be able to afford the joys of student life such as heading out to a kegger or two, they will need a bit of cash. But if school is a full time occupation, where does a student find casual work to fill the coffers? The answer is often right in front of their noses.

3 Easy College Jobs

Use Your Skills

One idea is to take on an online job in their chosen field. This might be doing research for anyone studying medicine. It could also mean helping at the local SPCA for students studying to be a vet. Whatever their skill set that sets them apart, it’s a good idea to use it for casual work that won't interfere with school or those all important social events.

Playing House

Another area that seems to always need the services of more and more students these days is housecleaning or maid service. If the school is near a popular tourist attraction, these jobs are plentiful in the hotels and motels that surround them. These types of jobs can often be done in a few quick hours early in the morning before classes start or in the evening.

Teaching English

With the growing number of immigrants in the country, not to mention students coming from overseas, teaching English as a second Language is often a smart choice for college students. Many students will do this over the summer in foreign countries and make enough to last them through the next school year. After all, you learned it at one time yourself!

Be Creative

So while school is never cheap, it doesn't have to be a burden. There are tons of great opportunities besides these for the enterprising student. Who knows, that part time job could turn into the profession you didn't even know you wanted.